The East Beach Residents Association was formed in 1998. It arose because many residents wanted to ensure that this small conservation area at the Eastern end of Littlehampton preserved its character and charm, and to provide a means by which all residents in the area could get to know each other better and, hopefully, create a community spirit.

It also provided a voice to take up local issues with the Town and District Councils: which we have been doing since our inception.

EBRA is a member of Arun Community Groups. This is a Group set up by Arun District Council to bring together local community groups to help maintain and support Parks and Gardens throughout the District.

EBRA is also a member of Arun Biodiversity Forum. This Forum draws together individuals and groups interested in biodiversity across Arun District to identify common concerns and opportunities.( see http://www.arun.gov.uk/biodiversity )

Your Committee

David Warne 726148 or 020 8395 4641
Linda Collins 734335
Barbara Hughes 730985
Hugh & Elaine Montgomery 07914 483502
Cathy Palmer 725448
Freda Ley 718008

Our Constitution ( Revised version subject to ratification at  AGM for 2022)

1. Name. East Beach Residents Association. (EBRA)

2. Objects. The objects of EBRA are to enhance the local area, encourage pride in the local area and engender a neighbourly spirit.

3. Membership. Open to all residents in the agreed area covered by EBRA which is deemed to be
South Terrace, east of Norfolk Road inc Osborne House
Norfolk Road on the east side from South Terrace to Westfield Court
Western Road, east of Norfolk Road
Norfolk Place
Norfolk Gardens (Part) Nos. 42-50, 83, 84, 89-107
Reef Close
Membership is also open to non EBRA residents who wish to support the Association and its aims.

4. Subscriptions. £2 per household (as of 2019) to be reviewed and renewed annually.

5. Management committee. EBRA shall be administered by a management committee consisting of the officers and no less than two and no more than seven other members.

6. Officers of EBRA. Officers should consist of, the Chairperson, the Treasurer and the Secretary. All to be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.

7. Management committee powers. EBRA management committee may exercise the power to:
a) Co-opt others to attend meetings in an advisory capacity. In the case of occasional vacancies, co-opt another person to serve on the committee until the AGM when they can be elected.
b) May appoint a sub- committee without being beholden to their findings or recommendations.
c) Raise funds, invite, receive contributions by way of subscriptions, donations or otherwise, provided that it does not become any form of permanent trading activity.
d) Manage any funds through a bank account.
e) Publicise and promote the work of EBRA, organise meetings, events etc.

8. Meetings. The management committee shall meet at least 4 times a year. Five members of the committee shall constitute a quorum. The annual general meeting shall be held preferably in April of each year to receive the management committee’s report and audited accounts, elect members and officers and select an honorary auditor. All meetings must be minuted and the minutes accessible to interested parties. General meetings may be requested by any member or members but the management committee can decline such a request. It must give the reasons, in writing to the member/s concerned.

9. Notice of meetings. At least seven full days notice to all members shall be given. Notice may be deemed to have been given if delivered by hand, posted, or email to the address in the records. It can also be given in a previous newsletter or public poster. For the AGM, twenty one days notice must be given to allow for nominations for the management committee.

Meetings may take place in person or wholly or partly by suitable electronic means (including if applicable telephone or video conferencing facilities). Notice of a meeting will set out the details of any physical place (if there is one) and suitable telephone/ electronic details to allow members to participate; a person participating remotely is present at the meeting and falls part of the quorum thereof.

Any notice required to be given by this constitution may be sent to members by hand, by post, or by such electronic means (such as by email or via a website) as the committee decides. In the case of electronic communications, the recipient must have given their prior consent(either generally or specifically) to receiving communications electronically. Electronic communications should only be used to the extent that the committee is satisfied

10. Finance. The financial year shall be 1st January to 31st December. Any money acquired by EBRA shall be paid into an account managed by the management committee. A small amount may be held in a petty cash box. All cheques etc shall be signed by two signatories including either treasurer or chairperson. Any income or expenditure shall be the responsibility of the treasurer who will be accountable. Official accounts will be maintained within budget and examined annually by an independent accountant who is not a member of the group. All funds must be applied to the objects of EBRA and for no other purpose.

11. Amendments to the constitution. Any changes to this constitution must be agreed by a majority vote at a general meeting or the AGM where the intended change has been notified.

12. Dissolution. EBRA may be dissolved at a general meeting or the AGM where intention has been notified. The management committee shall be responsible for the settling of all debts and legitimate expenses. Such money or goods that remain after the dissolution shall be disposed of as the meeting elects.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Mrs Wendy Threlfall
    Mar 11, 2014 @ 14:57:28

    Many thanks for your Questionnaire received this morning. I will endeavour to fill-in the form and return as soon as possible. I do admire your committee’s energy and resolve in running such a positive resident’s association. I am Treasurer for Norfolk Gardens West Resident’s Association and find it difficult planning any social activity due to lack of support and lethargy from our residents even though we all bought our freeholds five years ago from our then despicable managing agents Hamilton King – I sometimes want to come around to your association and shout HELP!! Thank you so much for including numbers 1-41 Norfolk Gardens with your newsletters.


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