1.  Apologies for absence

2.  Minutes of last General Meeting

3.  Matters arising not already on the Agenda

4.  Chairman’s Report 

5.  Treasurers Report

6.  Neighbourhood Watch Report

7.   Election of Committee Members

8.   Update on current issues, plus Members to put forward local issues for consideration.

9.  Any Other Business

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Minutes of 2019/2020 AGM



Zoom Meeting

SATURDAY 17th APRIL 2021 AT 7.00 pm

Because of strict Covid-19 rules, the AGMs 2019 & 2020 were held using Zoom technology. There was a delay due to technical problems and the meeting finally got underway at 7.20pm. The Chairman, David Warne, began by welcoming everyone to this meeting, and thanked all for their perseverance in continuing to attend.  He sent his apologies to those members who, because of the technical issues, were unable to access the meeting via Zoom.  As the meeting was quorate, it was decided to proceed.

As no AGM was held last year, both 2019 and 2020 would be reported in these Minutes.

Present at the meeting were David Warne (Chairman), Linda Collins (Treasurer), Tricia North (Secretary), Freda Ley (Membership), Cathy Palmer,  Mike Webber, Phil McErlain, Edward Stratton Woodward, Pat King, Hugh and Elaine Montgomery, Susan Holder, Alan and Carin Simmons, Iris and Brian Sandilands, Rod Brown, Larry Haas, Fiona Try, Brian North, Pat Stevens, Caron and Richard Jenkins, Helen Davison.

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from David and Diedre Richards, Piers and Googie Street, Helen Wrigglesworth and Barbara Hughes.

  • Minutes of the AGM 2018 
  • Matters Arising not already on the Agenda
    Double yellow lines at Norfolk Gardens –  David Warne reported that this request has been made every year to the WSCC Highways Dept since 2017, who now say they only carry over applications for two years and therefore the case is closed and re-application would be necessary.    The subject of the verges on the road into Norfolk Gardens is discussed in Agenda point 8 below – Update on Current Issues.

Pedestrian crossing on Sea Road – David had applied to West Sussex County Council to consider the pedestrian crossing.  Although Councillor James Walsh had indicated it might be included in the 2019/20 budget, this did not materialise.  See discussion point 8 below.

  • Chairman’s Report 
    The Chairman reported on the events of 2019 which were all very successful but that unfortunately, due to Covid-19 restrictions, none of the 2020 events were permitted to take place.  Sadly he had to report that one of our great supporters, Nan Bridgford had passed away and would be missed.  Nan always kindly opened up her garden for the annual and very popular Pimms and Nibbles event.  It is hoped that this event will continue to take place and at another venue.  
    The Programme for 2021 is being prepared and we look forward to welcoming neighbours to each of our popular gatherings.
    David thanked Edward Stratton Woodward and the grass cutting volunteers for the work on the two grass triangles, and thanked Hugh for trimming the hedges, and Shuna Le Moine, Eileen and Rachel  for the rubbish clearing they have diligently done around Norfolk Place.  Thanks too for the team who planted the bulbs in the Autumn along Honeysuckle Walk.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    The Treasurer, Linda Collins, reported that the finances for 2019 were healthy, no reserves were used and we ended the year with a very small profit.  However, with no activities held during 2020, the only funds raised were from subscriptions and some generous donations.  Despite the lack of additional funds, some works still had to take place, i.e. professional trimming of hedges, and also the necessary purchase of a new lawnmower.
    Linda produced two financial statements – 2019 and 2020.  In 2019 £432.00 was raised.
    Paid up members raised a total of £107.00, and £100.00 was donated to the charity Safe in Sussex.
    No funds were raised during 2020 and the year ended unsurprisingly with a deficit of £368.00, after payment of garden services and the new lawnmower.  Thanks were expressed to those who gave donations totalling £83 which were much appreciated.  It is hoped that the full programme of events will be possible this year (2021)
  • Neighbourhood Watch Report
    Phil McErlain reported that there had been no crime in the area during 2019 and 2020,
    and that it had been a quiet period. He had written to neighbours offering support during lockdown and received offers of help and a few requests for assistance, i.e.  loan of a wheelbarrow, a lift to the doctor’s surgery, and help with shopping.
  • Election of Committee Members
    It was agreed the election of Committee Members should be carried out ‘en bloc’:
    Chairman:  David Warne
    Treasurer:  Linda Collins
    Secretary:  Tricia North
    Other Committee Members:  Barbara Hughes, Cathy Palmer and Freda Ley.    Clive Gardener has resigned from the Committee and David Warne expressed his thanks for Clive’s recent participation.

    Linda Collins         Seconded:  Freda Ley            Carried

    David Warne was pleased to announce that Hugh and Elaine Montgomery had volunteered to serve on the Committee.  
     David Warne       Seconded:  Cathy Palmer.    Carried
  • Update on Current Issues
    – Verges at the side of the road at Norfolk Gardens:
    Richard and Carol Jenkins had written to David to request the problem of the verges be looked at by EBRA.  Richard was asked to inform the meeting of the current issue as follows:  Currently cars are parking on the verges which, when wet, caused them to turn to mud and then become  baked dry and unsightly in the dry weather.  Neighbours have started complaining about this and at Richard’s request David wrote to W Sussex CC to request a solution.  WSCC responded saying they had inspected the site and found it to be acceptable.  The solutions suggested by some neighbours were to plant trees or place bollards on the verges to prevent parking.  However, Richard explained that to prevent the cars parking on the verges would create the additional problem of blocking the road and preventing emergency vehicles from passing through.  This has always been the worry.   In addition there were far more delivery trucks and vans accessing the area and finding it difficult to get through the road at times.  Putting yellow lines down one side of the road would be unfair on the residents on that side.Richard felt that the most practical solution would be to undertake professionally to remove  the verge altogether and lay tarmac, thus allowing vehicles to park safely, half on the pavement.  Although this would not be as aesthetical as a neat verge (which is now shown to be no longer feasible), it could resolve the problem of the safe access space for emergency vehicles.David and Richard agreed to have a dialogue with the residents most affected followed by writing to WSCC on the issue.
    Rod Brown emphasised the importance of providing photos when contacting the Council.Phil McErlain reminded the meeting that since Council elections were taking place soon, we should contact those Councillors, including a council candidate living in Fairlead.

    Rampion 2
    Larry Haas kindly gave a briefing of the latest position.  As one of the ‘Group of Seven’ – a group very involved with greater scrutiny of this project  (only because of the proposal to use very large turbines close inshore) – Larry reported that they are asking the Consultation Process to be slowed down to allow time for a public meeting and consideration of reasonable alternatives.  The Company involved would like to conclude the consultation as soon as possible, and it is currently looking at July or sooner.  The Group of Seven have applied to ADC, WSCC and the Planning Inspectorate to ask for a pause in the process to allow time for full public consultation, including public meetings not possible under current Covid restrictions.  A decision is expected in two weeks as to whether this request will be granted.  The Group are also seeking advice from other relevant government departments.  The final decision on the project rests with the Secretary of State.The facts that should be understood by local people who will all be affected are:  
    the Rampion field off Worthing has the wind turbines of 112 m  – the Rampion 2 field proposes turbines 325 m tall – more than 3 football fields tall, which is as tall as the Eiffel Tower, and 3 x the wingspan of the London Eye.
    – these larger turbines are designed for use more than 25 miles offshore. The Rampion 2 field is 8 miles offshore; giving a much greater visual and ecological impact (birds, bats, insects).
    Of course the Climate Change groups are right in saying that windfarms are a good thing; however this one is too big, and too close to the beaches.
    Cathy Palmer asked whether the windfarm could be situated further out (or would that interfere with shipping lanes?) and Larry reported that this could be done with the proper assessments.  This is in fact the proposal of Natural England as a project option.  Mike Webber expressed his fears that Boris Johnson would want to push this project through as a PR success at the International meeting in Glasgow.   And Larry thought this a distinct possibility, with Rampion contributing 3.5% of the target of additional windpower by 2030.
    David stated that EBRA would be prepared to lodge an objection, and Larry will forward the relevant details.
    Mike mooted the possibility of a ‘round robin’.  Larry agreed.

    Beach Hut Proposal:
    Rod Brown had prepared an excellent slide show indicating the damaging effect the proposal of new beach huts would have on the local area.  This was shown to the meeting, and all agreed that the suggestion of extending the beach huts as far as the East Beach café would have an extremely detrimental effect on the view of the sea from all angles, blocking entirely the view from Norfolk Road and the promenade.  In the meeting’s opinion this was quite unnecessary since many of the current beach huts are little used (just one in 3 or 4).  Also, as at one time some had been removed to improve the views, this action would be going against previous decisions.  A suggestion that they could be placed on the other side of the Kite Café was supported, and any objection to losing the view from the gym would not hold water, since the gym is on the upper floor and already has a view over the car park.  At this siting there would be no interference of the direct view from any of the residential properties further east. 
    Another suggestion was that these beach huts could be situated towards the west end (river end) of the promenade on the grass on the other side of the wall so as not to take up space on the beach where the tide comes further in.   
    Residents can see the full plans and submit any comments by going to the ADC website, Planning Applications and quoting ref LU/50/21/ PL .  Or by emailing planning@arun.gov.uk.  The date for comments is quoted as 1st May on the planning notice, but it is now understood the planning meeting is scheduled for 28th April.  Therefore this is now an urgent matter for comments or objections.  David will send the slide show out to members.  Rod was thanked for alerting the meeting and for an excellent presentation.
  • Any Other Business
    Iris Sandilands mentioned the pavements in Norfolk Gardens were uneven and could cause falls.  David agreed that this matter could be raised with the Council at the same time as the verges.
    Tricia North was concerned at the number of additional cars that would require parking spaces once the apartments at Regency House were completed.  Parking spaces, as we have already established, were already under pressure.
    Richard raised the matter of the Pedestrian crossing on Sea Road once again as an urgent matter now that the Edge café is so popular, with many more people trying to cross the road at the Sea Road exit of the gardens.  This matter having already been raised on previous occasions now needs to be revisited.  David will once again raise it with WSCC.

David reiterated his apology for the delayed start and problems with accessing the meeting.
There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9pm.

East Beach Residents Association

Chairman’s Report for 2021

Our programme for 2021 was again affected by COVID. However, thanks to Zoom, your committee was able to hold regular meetings and it enabled us to hold our AGM.  Unfortunately, there were some technical problems using Zoom for the AGM and a few people were unable to gain access to the meeting; for which I again apologise. As there were sufficient numbers online to make the meeting quorate it was decided to proceed. The minutes of that meeting come with the AGM papers.

Thankfully not all was doom and gloom and we were blessed with a beautiful day in July for our Pimm’s and Nibbles in the garden of South cottage, for which our thanks to Mark and Libby for allowing us to use the lovely garden.

Our Fair in the Square was a close run thing. Having set out the tables and all the goods, black clouds rolled up and it started to rain. Tarpaulins were hastily thrown over everything, but luckily it was a short burst and 10 minutes later covers were being folded and we opened for business; and it turned into a successful day.

Our Quiz Night in September moved to the Vardar Restaurant, and was moved to a Sunday in order to be able to use the restaurant.  It proved to be a great venue, providing comfortable accommodation for the 40 or so people who turned up together with excellent food and a full range of drinks to purchase. Mike Webber provided his always challenging and enjoyable quiz and, sad to report, my team managed to win the wooden spoons. We will be using this venue again.

Shortly after this the next strain of COVID emerged and we felt it safest to cancel the Coffee Morning and, later, the Carols in the Square.

We hope for better times in 2022.

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