We have two main on-going projects. These are:-

1. Maintaining the greens and hedges in Norfolk Place

We organised the planting of the hedges in Norfolk Place to stop the indiscriminate parking that was ruining the greens (see picture below). We raised funds and obtained grants from both Town and District Councils. It was a condition of our being allowed to plant the hedges that EBRA undertook the future maintenance.

A number of members help to do the maintenance and we have a rota for cutting the grass. If you feel you can help please contact a member of the committee.

Norfolk Place Parking

2. Maintaining the planting in Honeysuckle Walk
EBRA is a member of Arun Community Groups. This is a Group set up by Arun District Council to bring together local community groups to help maintain and support Parks and Gardens throughout the District. As part of this scheme EBRA has undertaken to look after Honeysuckle Walk.
Some years ago we planted the Honey Suckle and each year we plant bulbs for Spring flowering and then, around April/May we plant summer bedding, usually Geraniums as these are hardy and drought resistant.
At planting time we advertise the day and a number of residents turn up to help. Do look out for our notices and come along and help is you can. It only takes a couple of hours.

We also have a rota for looking after the summer bedding, usually just dead heading. If you can help please contact a member of the committee.

honeysuckle walk 3


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