Papers for EBRA AGMs 2019 & 2020

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East Beach Residents Association

2019 AGM – Annual Report

Due to COVID-19 it was not possible to hold an AGM in April 2020 as we would normally have done.  The AGM for 2019 is now being combined with that for 2020 and will be a digital meeting.

The AGM for 2018 was held in April 2019 at the Norfolk Bowls Club, for which our thanks. It was well attended and included a fascinating talk on the Poison Pen Letter Writer of Western Road given by Alan Simmonds.

In May we organised the planting of various bulbs and plants, supplied by Arun District Council, along Honeysuckle Walk. Our thanks to all the volunteers who helped, and to ADC for the plants. We also set up a watering rota to ensure the plants were maintained for the rest of the year; again, thanks to all those who helped.

We also set up a grass cutting rota to ensure the greens in Norfolk Place are kept in good order. Again, thanks to all those who did their stint during the year.

During the year we held a successful Quiz Night and our Fair in the Square in June was well attended. Pimms and Nibbles and our Annual Barbecue were as popular as ever.

The annual Skittles Match against the Norfolk Bowls Club was oversubscribed and we would like to thank the Bowls club for their welcome and excellent catering.

Our annual Coffee Morning went well, for which many thanks go to Linda and Phil for use of their house and all the catering they did.  The Carols in the Square in December had a lower turnout than usual due, we think, to the inclement weather.  Our thanks go to our organist Jean for stoically keeping going in spite of the weather.

During the year ADC bought forward proposals to allow stalls to be put up in five areas along the seafront and in Banjo Road.  EBRA submitted objections to the proposal on the grounds that they would change the character of the seafront and provide unfair competition to existing local traders who only have a limited season in which to make their income. 

Sadly, at the end of the year, Nan Bridgford, a long standing committee member died suddenly. Many will have enjoyed Pimms & Nibbles in her garden. Fond memories.

East Beach Residents Association

2020 AGM – Annual Report

Your committee drafted a program for 2020 but then COVID-19 struck and all events for the year had to be cancelled.

However, your committee continued to operate, and we held some six committee meetings via zoom during the course of the year. We continued to monitor local events and commented on a local planning application, drawing attention to the need for care in removing suspected asbestos roofing.

We continued to follow-up ADCs plans to put additional stalls along the seafront. The eventual outcome was that the number of areas for new stalls was reduced from five to two and, importantly, restrictions were applied to the area near the lighthouse ensuring that there will be no food stalls there.

Edward Stratton-Woodward again did an excellent job in producing a grass cutting rota to ensure the greens are kept in good order, and, as always, our thanks go to all the volunteers.

In May we did manage to get out and plant some 500 bulbs in and around Honeysuckle Walk, all socially distanced of course (that’s the volunteers not the bulbs!)

Although volunteers keep the hedges in Norfolk Place in trim we do have to have the hedges professionally trimmed once a year and we also pay for Greenthumb to treat the grass every few months to ensure it looks as good as possible. In addition, we had to invest in a new Lawn Mower this year as the electrics on the current machine were becoming suspect. These ongoing expenditures have to be met and we are most grateful to all who have maintained their subs during the year.

Your committee has laid plans for events later in 2021 which we hope to publish shortly.

We all hope for a gradual return to normal during 2021.

Treasurer’s report for 2019

We ended the year with a (very) slight profit of £4.64

Summary of EBRA accounts for 2019

April AGM 
MayQuiz Night

JuneGarden Party

JulyFair in the square


NovemberChristmas coffee morning

DecemberCarols in the Square

Subs for 2019


Donations  to EBRA 


Donations from EBRA to charity

Miscellaneous stationery costs

Gardens: lawn treatment £126.92

Gardens: hedge cutting & clearance£208.00

Gardens: plants£100.00

Total gardens:£434.92£434.92


Overall profit in 2019 (ie £614.88 – £610.24)£4.64

EBRA funds at beginning of 2019£1,147.67

EBRA funds at end of 2019£1,152.31

These outcomes are broadly in line with previous years and we are now no longer eating into our reserves, albeit by a very small margin!

Treasurer’s report for 2020

No activities to report but fortunately good support from our ‘paid up’ members!

Summary of EBRA accounts for 2020


Subs for 2019


Donations  to EBRA 


Donations from EBRA to charity

Miscellaneous stationery costs

Gardens: lawn treatment £165.00

gardens: new lawn mower£128.15

Gardens: hedge cutting & clearance£220.00

Total gardens:£513.15£513.15


Overall cost in 2020 (ie £535.01 – £167.00)-£368.01

EBRA funds at beginning of 2020£1,152.31

EBRA funds at end of 2020£784.30

Unfortunately this year we have a deficit of £368.01. Hopefully, in 2021 we can look forward to some enjoyable fundraising activities together.


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